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NetWek is a conference networking tool which is specifically designed to help meeting planners facilitate networking during meetings and conferences. The meeting / conference attendees will be able to use NetWek to maximise their networking experiences at conferences (i.e. to manage who they want to meet and who can find them at the conference).

Meetings and conference industry leader, MPI (Meetings Professional International) reports that there are currently about 1.2 million professional meetings and conferences taking place annually around the world. The report also notes that these meetings and conferences are attended by some 100 million people from around the world, whose main aim is to meet and network with other attendees. This is where we see the opportunity to provide both the conference manager and conference attendee with a tool that addresses their respective needs.

NetWek provides meeting planners with a platform they can use to facilitate networking during networking sessions at their meetings and conferences.
We integrate a third party registration platform with NetWek to allow conference attendees (Sponsors /Vendors, Session Speakers and Regular Attendees) be able to register and pay for conferences, create and manage personal profiles. They will also be able to manage who they want to meet and how they want to be found by other attendees. In the first release of the application, attendees will be able to recommend attendees they know to others they do not know. Secondly, the ‘match making feature will match attendees up based on common interests.


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